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 A Christmas Morning Tradition:

Santa's Grand Finale


The Christmas Web- A Family Tradition

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Is your Christmas Morning Tradition turning into six weeks of preparation and fifteen minutes of ripping open gifts?  Consider putting some mystery into your Christmas Morning Tradition, and slow your celebration down.  Santa wants to hide that "Special Christmas Gift" where no one else can find it.. at the end of The Christmas Web.  It's a Family Tradition that will live on for generations.





"What a fantastic Christmas Morning Tradition!"

Debbie Walter. says: November 2013...  Oh my gosh! I just found a new family tradition to share with my grand-kids.  Once I realized exactly what it is I decided that I’m not giving it to anyone. It will be my new tradition with my grand-kids, kind of to make up for not being there on Christmas Day. It will be so much fun! 

Bonnie Crossley says: December 2013... With the Christmas Web added to our morning, I think it's going to make it even more exciting for the kids, and make it more worthwhile, for the parents  The spirit needs to be brought back to Christmas, and The Christmas Web can help with that.  It's not all about things.... it's about the magic.  And if I can bring a little more magic into my children's life... I'll do it.

Tara Gauthier says: January 2013... This is such a great  Idea.  My children loved it. 

Alice Bradley says: December 2012... The story is absolutely adorable, the spools are large heavy duty plastic and very well made and threaded with 70 yds. of beautiful soft yarn.  I look forward to making The Christmas Web a family tradition in our home.

Joan Adams says: January 2015...What a fantastic Idea, I'd run out of  Ideas for my kids.  The Christmas Web provided a "Grand Finale" for Santa and his helpers before flying back to the North Pole.